When God Moves!


It has been a week since this phenomena happened to me – it has never happened to me before.   During our Sunday morning worship, the words to the songs were ministering to me in such a powerful way, all I could think of was how much I love Jesus and how much I wanted to honor Him!  I began to pray in my natural tongue and then as usual, began praying in the spiritual tongue God had blessed me with a few years ago.  As I continued to focus on Jesus and all that He stood for in my life, I felt myself giving more of me to Him.  I began to see in my minds eye, summoned by my heart and fueled by the Holy Spirit – an image of a circle of Elders, sitting in chairs with an amazing light in the middle that was shooting upward, the image of a man was drenched in the light – I knew without hesitation that was Jesus.  I continued to focus and pray and really shout and celebrate as tears of joy began to run down my cheeks.  It is all about Jesus, because for me that is where life begins.

After the worship music had ended, lead by the Holy Spirit, Pastor called everyone up to have hands laid on them.  I sat for a moment, not sure if I was to go up,when I felt the nudge of God (for those of you reading this, you know what I mean).  Getting into line, I continued to pray in my own God given prayer language, the vision becoming more pronounced in my minds eye – it was not I who moved my feet toward the front of the line, but the power of the Holy Spirit.  My natural mind continued to give way to the Holy Spirit which was gently consuming all that I was.  The Pastor and his wife laid hands upon me and began to pray, my eyes were closed as I continued to yield to the Holy Spirit’s urging – I felt another hand press into my body – it was an amazing sensation, the power that radiated from this hand began to cause my physical body to give way.  Thankfully there was a kind gentlemen who was standing behind me – ready to catch me, should I fall.

I tried to maintain my balance but the power of the Holy Spirit was so strong that I fell backward – I was gently laid down on the floor – that is all my natural mind remembered.  During that time, I found myself sitting at the table eating bread with Jesus and I was laughing!  There was such an amazing peace and love that flowed effortlessly from Jesus to myself and back again like a continuing flow of water that quenched my thirst.

Brothers and Sisters, Jesus is waiting for all of us to begin living our lives with the joy and love, not of this world, but the joy and love that only comes from having a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. This desire to share His love and joy continues to resonate within me, I look at this world we live in and know that it is not my home for I have seen the Holy of Holy’s and sat and ate bread with Jesus! By Sister Diana

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