These Shoes were made for Walking


shoesand having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Eph. 6:15

Before we step out onto the battlefield, we better make sure our shoes are on and tied. The shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace is a piece of armor that God has given each of us. The shoes allow us a better opportunity to stand firm against the devil and temptations. Shoes protect our feet and enable us to march forward for many extra miles. Before you step out to share your faith, a person should be prepared. This preparation comes from hours in Bible Study.

If you stumble in your faith, struggling to gain traction in your walk, try some consistent Bible study. The preparation will be well rewarded. It hardens the soles so you can easily transverse the stones and pebbles placed in your path by the devil.

It is not an instantaneous transformation. It takes time, but as you read the Bible you slowly start to change. Overtime your mind and heart are renewed and you think more like God thinks. Do not neglect Bible study. In the war you have found yourself, put your shoes on.

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