The Prison Of Sin


The-Prison-of-SinThis following thought was shared with me by an incarcerated brother one day as we were sitting in the cell block discussing the likeness between sin and prison.

As I sat one day just looking around at my situation, I thought to myself how awful a place like prison is. But on the other hand, there is another prison that is just as costly and demeaning as this one where I sit today. This is the prison of sin. This prison of sin has held mankind captive since the fall in the Garden of Eden. This prison of sin has no bars, no razor wire, and no guards to keep me in its tight grip.

Oddly enough, we’re held prisoners more or less at our own choosing. This prison of sin can be pleasurable and fun for a season, but the end of this prison sentence is separation from God for all of Eternity. There will be no appeals or reprieves. God’s Word is final.

Oh, but there is hope. One came from God to open the prison doors, to set the captives free; His name is Jesus. He is the only hope that we have of being freed from this prison of sin. Friends we have many opportunities in this life to accept the pardon that Jesus offers, but death seals our fate. Who will be free today? Choose Jesus. He is the only way out of this prison of Sin. Amen.

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