Pastor Joseph’s Story

Joseph Colini grew up as an atheist and spent much of his childhood running away from God. He found himself failing at life no 

matter what he did. One of his most painful times in life with no hope and no will to live he cried out to God and said if you are real, you help me now. He opened the Holy Bible for the first time in his life to a story that applied to what he was going through. He realized God was real! Joseph repented of his sins and accepted Jesus as savior and Lord of his life! He than made a commitment to serve God the rest of his life. Pastor Colini received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in togues and His life was forever changed in Jesus name.

Joseph joined the Circle of Faith ministries and served for several years under Pastor Carliasto Jones where he received several bible schools certificates and a Licensed Ordination as a Deacon in 2007

Against all odds Pastor Joseph married his wife Ronda Colini from the Philippines who waited for him for seven years. Their marriage was a miracle of two extremely poor people with nothing, but love and Jesus can survive and thrive.

Pastor Joseph graduated with honors in college and became a medical provider in the Optical field in 2008. Joseph become a Pastor in a small store front in 2010 in Cleveland Ohio. Him and his wife served as medical providers and ministers of the Gospel in Old Brooklyn Ohio until they founded Strongsville Christian Church on 19132 Temple Drive Strongsville Ohio. God has blessed them with 18 years of prison ministry in Cuyahoga County Jail, State prisons, nursing homes, halfway houses and mental institutions. Sister Ronda is anointed to teach the bible for inspirational children’s church every sunday. Pastor Colini is a regular on 95.5 FM the fish radio and TCT Ask the Pastor television show to the glory of God. They have a heart to see souls won to Jesus, delivered and set free. 

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