Offended But Forgiven


Obedience. A common word in Christianity. There seems to be anotheWSCL1_O_FIRE-01r ‘o’ word God is hammering home to me in spades… and that is ‘offense’… I am finding that if I want to be closer to Him – more like Him – if I want Him to manifest through the Holy Spirit in me – I have to leave the things that make me feel ‘offended’ and give them to God.

Love God, Love each other as ourselves – even love our enemies… do so without judgement, exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit while forsaking our former selves – how is this possible so long as I cling to ‘offense’? Everything about the world was ‘offending’ me, even before I knew the Lord. Once I knew the Lord, I thought I was empowered to judge the sins of others, proclaiming the Gospel, because why would they want to be saved if they didn’t know they needed to be? I needed to SHOW them how screwed up they were, as if they didn’t know it already. I was wrong.

In this day and age it is important to be honest, yet compassionate. We can’t compromise on God and His Way, but we are responsible for keeping peace so far as it depends on us. How is that possible if I cling to ‘offense’?

LOL. Seriously, I was reminding myself of an old man who sits on the porch complaining about the kids these days… their shows, their music, their clothing, their sexuality, their immaturity… and don’t even get me started on the politicians and the religious zealots!

And then I think about the child… I must come to Him as a child… and children typically do not come with a suitcase of ‘offenses’.

1 John 4:21 And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also.

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