Laundry, Perspective & Glorifyng God


Laundry seems like such a mundane chore, there is not much excitement gathering up the dirty clothes to put them  into the washer and then flipping them over to the dryer, but today I viewed it from a different perspective.

For instance, the shirt that I tossed into the sudsy water proudly displayed the coffee stain which reminded me of the frustrating day I had last Thursday.  The pants I wore on Christmas day reminded me of the enjoyment I had when visiting my brother’s home and his grandchildren.  The shirt my husband wore the night we went out for dinner and the wonderful trail of  food marks indicated how much he enjoyed his dinner, also ushered up the delightful conversations we had.

As I continued with the laundry, I reminisced about the past week.  Thinking that there were days that I should have spent bringing glory to God, rather than mulling over my shortcomings and entertaining reckless thoughts.

The beginning of every new year often urges many of us to make a fresh start, begin something new or reflect on the past and improve where we need to.  All those ideas and motives are good in themselves, but unless we change our perspective, many of us will fail in our attempts.

World English Dictionary   (perspective – n) 1. a way of regarding situations, facts, etc, and judging their relative importance

I believe that unless we change our perspective on who Jesus Christ is in our lives, no matter how hard we try to do better, or make that fresh start etc.. we will continue to fail.  Although some of us may have minimal success with their endeavors, that will offer a fleeting moment of victory, but unless they have a relationship with Jesus Christ I doubt that victory will be but a lasting moment.

Perspectives can be likened to a rudder on a boat, scripture talks of taming our tongues (James 3:1-4), perspectives guide our thoughts, which trickles down into our hearts, which impact the Holy Spirit which lives within each born again person.  Perspectives shape how we regard our life situations, perspectives based on facts help us to judge what is important in our lives and what is not.

In closing, I ask you, what is your perspective regarding Jesus Christ?  How important is your relationship with Him? Do you look to Him for all you do in your life? Have you tried to look through His eyes, especially in those moments of absolute exasperation that seems to creep up from no where?

I know that this new year, does not afford me a fresh start, or begin something new, nor do I wish to reflect back on my past failures, this new year I await, anticipating that my journey with Jesus Christ will be exactly how He intends it be, this year, the Holy Spirit that lives within me will determine how my life lived will glorify God – a simple  change in my perspective of Jesus Christ and His importance in my life and obedience to His direction.

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