Hearing God’s Voice & Obeying


One day, out of the clear blue,  God’s voice tells me to pick up that piece of litter laying on the grass, hurrying into school I refused to obey, consoling myself that if the litter is still there when I get out of work, I will pick it up.  Another time, I was telling someone that they should make better choices in situations, once again God’s voice was speaking to me, reminding me that I too am guilty of the very same thing.  It has been a rough few days.

Another dreary, rainy evening.  There have been so many the past few weeks that the rain is beginning to seem like the norm.  My trusty, pain in the neck dog, Vera, told me she wanted and needed a walk (yes she speaks to me as well :)   Donning my raincoat and leashing her up off we went.  Despite the initial affect on my mood, as I walked and listened to the click of Vera’s nails and the soft pattering of rain on my hood, I began to realize that it was quite peaceful.  God began speaking to me again, reminding me that although the last few days have seemed a bit rough, that He had been trying to get my attention (again).  God has put His finger on my life, He has called me His child, – His masterpiece and He loves me more than I could ever imagine, despite my daily failings.

What is the point of this blog?  Simply as an encouragement to anyone who might feel like they are listening to God but not obeying God, someone like me.  I am so blessed, I know the season that I am in is shifting subtly, adjusting for the new season that God is preparing me for.  He is patiently waiting until I am ready – what a loving Father I have! By  Sister Diana


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