Going Bananas for Prayer.


If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be bananadone unto you. John 15:7

Years ago I worked as a counselor/teacher at a Christian boarding school for troubled teens. Most of the food we got came from donations and the food bank. Myself and a table full of teenage boys were eating cornflakes. One of the kids said, “I sure would like some bananas”. I said, “lets pray for some bananas”. So myself and the boys took a few minutes to pray.

I then walked boys to their classroom. I went to my college class, not thinking any thing more about our prayer. Later that day, we get a page in the boys dorm to come to the main office. Myself and a few other counselors went to the office to see what was needed. Frequently we get called up when the vans come in with deliveries or someone donates heavy items. We get to the office and are told that a truck got in an accident down the road. We were being given the cargo, all we had to do was get it off the road. This truck happened to be a Chiquita banana truck, and they had called the ministry after the accident. They had said if we could get the bananas we could have them all. A few counselors grabbed some kids, took a few church vans and started making trips from the accident site to our gymnasium. I have never seen so any bananas in my life. There were boxes of bananas that filled up a large part of the gymnasium. We ended up calling many other churches in town letting them to come get some bananas. I have never eaten as many bananas as I did that week. I do not believe that due to my faith or righteousness that we got this spectacular answer to prayer. God wanted to show hose kids that He will provide in a powerful way. I am grateful for the opportunity to just experience it with them.

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