Don’t Speak to Me of Coincidence


All too often I hear atheists claim that when Christians see and hear God answer – it’s all coincidence. Sometimes, depending on the testimony, however, their logic seems to make sense, casting a shimmer of doubt on the otherwise unbridled faith of the believer and those taking in the testimony. Last night, however, God spoke as only He can in a way that was so clear to my wife and I that I just feel I have to share it with the world… that would be you – the reader… lol.

To set the stage, Diana and I have been attending services at House of Love Ministries out of Orange, Massachusetts under Pastor Joseph Williams. If you follow our blog, videos, and Facebook, you already know how similar our two ministries are, but what happened Tuesday night was simply mind blowing, and it clearly confirms God is at work.

Pastor Joseph started Tuesday night services about a month ago, and Diana and I have been faithful to attend every service as we love this man’s preaching. At any rate, this Tuesday night, before service, while we were eating dinner, I was feeling a little discontent. So as we were talking about getting up and going, I stated something like this:

“You know, I wish the Pastor would let me pick the worship music sometime… its not that I don’t like the songs he plays, but he always plays songs performed by artists I don’t know… if it were up to me I’d play stuff like Chris Tomlin…”

You see, particularly on Tuesday nights, instead of having live worship, the Pastor has used CD’s to pipe in worship music at the beginning of service. While I prefer live music, I’ll take it anyway God gives it… though sometimes, like this night, I grumble…

Diana, being the blessing that she is told me to hush up and get ready… she knows better than to let me dwell in my own complaints… lol.

When we arrived at the church everything was as it should be. There’s the obligatory hugs and greetings, smiles and laughter, just an over all joy to be in the presence of fellow believers… its everything a believer could hope for… but then it came time to start, and Pastor Joseph turned on the music… and my tears started to flow from the very first note… Diana looked at me with a smile a mile wide… and we both knew in that moment that GOD had heard me and spoken to Pastor Joseph, moving him to play the Chris Tomlin song, ‘Our God’. Again, keep in mind, the Pastor has never played Chris Tomlin that I can remember in any service I’ve attended over the last 3-4 months.

So ok – skeptics are sure to chalk it up to coincidence… but what happened next completely blew that notion away as well. You see, another thing I’ve never heard the Pastor do before is play two songs by the same artist in the same service… but indeed, the second song was Chris Tomlin’s ‘How Great is Our God’. Wow. Tears continued to mix with laughter as I did my best to sing along…

Yeah – so two songs was pretty incredible… but after all, Tomlin is a top-selling Christian artist! Surely it was only a matter of time before Joseph would play his stuff, right? I thought this was more than amazing until God trumped it one more time and Pastor played Chris Tomlin’s ‘Unfailing Love’! Of course – the fourth song wasn’t Chris Tomlin, which only moved me further because it just demonstrated how God was in complete control… and He heard me – and He does speak to Pastor Joseph, and I am exactly where the Lord wants me to be.

It is something no one can contradict. There was no way Pastor Joseph could have known about our discussion. There was absolutely no way he could’ve known my specific reference to Chris Tomlin. There was no way he simply decided to play three Tomlin songs in a row, basically breaking the pattern he has always adhered to.

Coincidence? Yeah, don’t speak to me about coincidence. My God is greater than coincidence!

By Minister Chris

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